2009 Royale 30" CEO Private Limo
Currently available in our
Off Lease Vehicle section

Anthracite Leasing of South Florida, Inc. is proud to begin its 27th year of operation. We pride ourselves in providing personal
service to our customers. At Anthracite Leasing, our customers are still known by name. You don't need to remember a long account number to answer a simple question.
We are a licensed Used Car Dealer and specialize in the leasing of new and used cars and trucks, recreational vehicles, classic vehicles, trailers, and most types of equipment to individuals and businesses. Anthracite Leasing also provides vehicle locating services for all types of automobiles, regardless of whether you want to lease or purchase.
Anthracite Leasing Company specializes in custom tailored leases. We also have programs for customers with special credit needs, for re-leasing of your existing vehicle and provide programs for high mileage drivers who thought that leasing programs were not available to them.