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1958 Porsche Speedster Replica

This is a brand new replica which is factory built. They are manufactured starting with a vintage Volkswagon chassis. They are titled and registered as the year of the chassis that is usually from the 1950's-1970. This makes the vehicle exempt from current smog and emission regulations.


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The suspension is all new and the vehicle has front disc brakes. The motor is a brand new 1600cc air cooled engine and comes with a 12month/12,000 mile warranty. The electrical system is 12 volt. The body is fiberglass and the fit and finish is of the highest quality. The Interior has high quality leather and carpet. The folding top, boot, and Tonneau cover are of heavy material.

Other amenities include:

  • Chrome wheels
  • Wood steering wheel
  • Removable side windows
  • Headlight grilles
  • Heat for those cool days

These replica's drive far superior to even a fully restored original. The four speed transmission shifts easily and the car is stable at highway speeds. The car can easily reach 100mph.

Low cost insurance and registration as a historic/vintage car is possible in many states.

You must see and drive one to really appreciate the quality.
They are available in five colors. Silver, black, red, blue and cream.

Current introductory pricing is only $24,900 plus freight.
Call for more information or make an appointment to test drive.